No Overlays

In this episode, we cover how to scale your go-to-market organization the right way. Not with overlays, but with specialists. Is your business targeting multiple personas without multi products? Learn the key to avoid being trapped.

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Great topic John. In my 20+ years career in net/sec/tech sales, I can count on a couple fingers the number of specialists who have actually driven value by way of incremental meetings/interest/deals. They tend to ride the coattails of the “core” sellers even though they’re given the keys and the mandate to do more, preferring to attend trade shows and ask core sellers why they aren’t pushing “their” product. It’s unfortunate and to your point is likely caused by a lack of accountability to anything outside the number (which can even be obtained via poor behavior). I always say good results can mask great potential (despite the poor segmentation, habits, ROE or whatever could accelerate things further). Love your idea about MBOs or regular ratings (on defined metrics like value contribution, meetings set, etc).

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